Children & Adolescent Services


Hill Country MHDD Centers serves families with children and adolescents, ages 3 through 17, who exhibit significant behavioral and/or emotional difficulties. We work closely with the family and child/youth to help strengthen and empower families to improve functioning and quality of life. We are committed to providing comprehensive services in a trauma-sensitive environment that promotes safety and healing.



Some of the services offered include:

Counseling – Cognitive behavioral therapy focused on reducing or eliminating symptoms of emotional issues and improve daily living.

Family Case Management – Activities to assist child/youth or caregiver in gaining and coordinating access to needed care and services based on the child/youth’s needs.

Family Partner – Experienced parents of children with serious emotional disturbances who provide mentoring and support to the child/youth’s primary caregivers.

Family Training – Training provided to primary caregivers to help manage and cope with the child’s emotional or behavioral difficulties.

Parent Support Group – Routinely scheduled support and informational meetings for primary caregivers.

Crisis Respite Services – Short term residential crisis services to youth with low risk of harm to self or others. Respite services are provided in a traditional home environment with 24-hour supervision. Activities are individualized to target and alleviate the immediate challenges youth and/or family are experiencing.

Skills Training and Development – Training provided to a child/youth to address symptoms that interfere with functioning. This service provides an opportunity for the youth/child to learn and improve upon skills they need to function as appropriately and independently as possible.

Youth Empowerment Services Program – A program designed to provide comprehensive and coordinated wraparound services built on the unique needs of both the child and the family in an effort to support family goals. Please see our brochure for more information or call our inquiry line at 844-654-7225.

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