Substance Use Disorder Outpatient Services

​Hill Country MHDD provides Outpatient Treatment Services called “HODOS” for Adults 18 years and older. HODOS stands for:

Hill Country MHDD

Outreach for chemical

Dependency and



“HODOS” is an ancient Greek word that portrays an image of a path or way in a culture where walking was the primary mode of transportation. Walking on a path involves choosing to enter on the path and to pursue it in each direction, progress toward a destination, addressing safety and not getting lost, and arriving at a goal. The purpose of this name is to focus on a “a shift away from crisis-oriented, deficit-focused, and professionally-directed models of care to a vision of care that is directed by people in recovery, emphasizes the reality and hope of long-term recovery, and recognizes the many pathways to healing for people with addiction and mental health challenges” (Surgeon General Report). In focusing on person-centered services, each individual is assessed and specific services tailored to what is important to them are created. If you are interested in our HODOS program, please ask your service provider to make a referral to:

Ray Gutierrez

Office Phone: 830-258-5421


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