Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services

If interested in IDD Services, please call our IDD Centralized Intake Line at 830-387-5970.

Hill Country MHDD Centers is a Local Intellectual and Developmental Disability Authority (LIDDA).  LIDDA services include determining a person’s eligibility for services, enrolling a person into programs, and coordinating and monitoring on-going services for a person by assigning them a Service Coordinator. Other important responsibilities include placing individuals on the Home and Community-Based Services (HCS) and Texas Home Living Interest Lists, helping students transition from school services to community-based services, and aiding families who are seeking residential services for children and adults.

Our Service Coordinators are trained in Person Centered Thinking and Person-Centered Plan Facilitation – which means they have learned skills to better support individuals to achieve their goals at home, school, work and in the community. The Service Coordination team coordinates and manages the vast array of services for people diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Provider Services support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve an interdependent life and live to their fullest potential by providing individualized specialized services. These services may include in-home, community, and work supports; transportation; behavioral supports, respite, and day habilitation.

Hill Country is a contracted provider of Home and Community-Based Services (HCS) and Texas Home Living (TxHmL) Medicaid waiver programs; however, we also serve as the Local Intellectual and Developmental Authority (LIDDA), which means we cannot and do not endorse any particular provider.  If you or someone you help support receives services through HCS or TxHmL, our Service Coordinators will present all available provider options, including Hill Country,  in order to make an informed choice about the program that will best meet the needs and goals of the person served.

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